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Bob Dorf speaks to startups, their teachers and investors all over the world, bringing them an important message about getting startups right in an energetic, cram-packed presentation…

Among his many audiences:

  1. The GrowUp Startup Conference, Warsaw, Poland (3,000+ entrepreneurs)
  2. Microsoft’s European BizSpark Finals, London, England (400+)
  3. Corporate Innovators Conference, NASPERS Inc, New York City (300+)
  4. Latin America Innovation 2013, Medellin, Colombia (400+)
  5. Business of Software Conference, Boston (600+)
  6. Plus zillions of Universities, “Startup Grind” events, “fireside chats” and more

Bob always enjoys fielding audience questions, minging informally with his audiences, signing books and hanging out a bit after his talks. And he strives to tailor his message to early or late stage entrepreneurs, investors, or to innovative thinkers in established corporations.

Bob’s speeches are all over the web. They generally run 50 to 60 minutes, with or without audience Q–and–A, which always adds immensely to audience engagement and the total experience.

Spend two minutes with Bob...

What's a startup

How to do Customer Discovery

Why Startups Don't Work

Addressing 500 Mexican Entrepreneurs


Don't ask Bob! Ask those who host or hear him…

“You were a massive hit, hands-down and unanimous. I have some amazing comments in my Inbox and Twitter feed like “Bob Dorf is a legend. The highlight of my day, my week, my month, my year.”

— Claire Lee, Microsoft, London

“…pure genius and yet it is all common sense. My favorite speaker so far.”

— Latin America

“fantastic talk! you definitely want to check this out!”

— Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

“Our average score was 4.52 out of five, Right at the top. Too many people to count had you in their list of favourite speakers.”

— Business of Software

“Bob has personally founded seven startups, is an Adjunct Professor teaching a full-semester course on customer development at Columbia Business School and co-authored The Startup Owner's Manual. ” In short, he’s qualified.”

— The Hartford Courant

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